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Ephesians 5:15-16

One of the biggest dilemmas of the born again Christian is how to adapt to this world and remain with God (John 14:14-17). Especially as the world gets more sophisticated and penetrative. Today’s Christian faces a challenge of identifying what ‘the world’ is and how to adapt to it.
Jesus never asked us to stay away from the world! He only had issues with us getting influenced by the ungodliness that the world throws around. Indeed, He praised the children of the world (Luke 16:8), and related with them many times (Zacchaeus, the Centurion etc); so He could not have meant that we should not go near them. In fact, He rose from the dead to give us the great commission which was all about reaching and influencing the people of the world to come to Him.
Misconception about ‘the world’
People think the world is anything outside of the church building

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