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How To Get Ahead In Your World II – Discipline

Last time out, I started these series on how to get ahead in this world as is the desire of God for His children. There are a few things that are consistent with every successful person (Christian more so) and we will be examining some of them together.

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How To Get Ahead in Your World – Knowledge

The fundamental desire of God is that we represent Him on this earth. As Christians, we practise the ways of God, live the life of God and as such, we should shining lights as God is. I believe that God takes no pleasure in seeing His children extol His name only


Career Start – Leadership

Leadership is usually defined as the ability to influence people towards a definite and positive goal. It is usually mistaken for a position but it is more of a personality, which then takes people to the position.

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Building Healthy Relationships

Imagine that you have all you want in this world. Many cars and houses, all the money in the world, no fears whatsoever and you are in control of all that will ever happen to you. It sounds good, doesn’t it? I bet it does.